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Hot Tub & Spa Dealership Opportunities

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Our products make people feel good – they can’t help it! Soaking stress away in a hot tub  or splashing around in a swim spa feels great no matter who you are. The daily satisfaction you get by providing such great feelings is much more rewarding than selling typical franchise products like burgers and oil changes.

But good feelings don’t pay the bills.

That’s where we can help: Our brands are recognized worldwide and have a reputation for quality and good value. We also provide training, logistical, and technical support – for free.

No franchise fees, strict license requirements, professional credentials, or prior experience is needed. All you really need is an entrepreneurial spirit and a little capital to get started. We provide the quality products, sales training, service training, business coaching, and logistical support. It typically costs less to start an Arctic Spa dealership than it does to start a coffee shop! The timing for this business is perfect.

Commercial property prices are down, and people are investing more in their home – not new vacation homes, bigger homes, or expensive family vacations. The doom and gloom economy news is causing families to invest in their nest. It’s a win-win scenario – our customers lives do actually improve because the decrease in physical and mental stress that our products provide has a huge impact on a persons overall health and well-being.

This is not a franchise. We do not charge any fees for selling our brands. We supply independent local businesses who answer only to themselves. We provide great products and excellent marketing, training, and logistical support. We have hundreds of dealers in dozens of countries now, and growing. But there are still thousands of dealership opportunities available and we are actively seeking new dealers all over the world.

This is a great business opportunity and so much more than a typical hot tub dealership so if you need a change, contact us right now with no cost or obligation.

Listen to a successful Arctic Spa dealer talk about his 29 years in the business and how he grew his business 300% in 5 years:

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Here is what people have to say about Arctic Spas!

I have been involved with Arctic Spas since inception and I truly believe they are the best product on the market. They are built with outstanding raw materials, utilize innovative design and promote ease of use and longevity. We just opened our second store on Vancouver Island in Parksville, and our first store is in Duncan. Looking at opening store three in Victoria later this year! Best of all is the owners of this company care about their dealers and... read more

John K. Avatar John K.
03 May 2018

We have been Arctic dealers for about five years now and continue to be very happy with the quality that goes into an Arctic Spa. We have been selling high quality products for twelve years now and Arctic Spa's was a great fit for our store. We love that Arctic listens to their dealers to always look into ways the spas can be improved upon. We like that they offer such a wide selection of swim spas to aka All... read more

Brenda M. Avatar Brenda M.
04 May 2018

I started as a customer last year by purchasing a 2009 Yukon Arctic Spa. At first I was concerned about purchasing a used hot tub, and within the first month the pump 2 went out. My suspicion confirmed. However, Todd the owner came to the house and was quick to replace the pump 2 that stopped working. That used tub was fantastic and we used it every night for a year. It was a great tub and for no other... read more

Christina S. Avatar Christina S.
07 Apr 2018

Being in the swimming pool business for over 20 years I have sold many different brands of spa. I was tired of having the “same ol same ol” as an option for my customers. I have aligned my company with the best products in the market and was missing the mark with the hot tubs we were offering until I joined the Arctic family. I researched many brands and Arctic simply kept rising to the top with all my comparisons.... read more

Paul N. Avatar Paul N.
03 May 2018

I’ve been with ArcticSpas for 15 years now. Love the brand, the owners, staff, and our amazing dealer network.. Arctic Spas are the best built and most user friendly hot tubs available today. With an automated Spa Boy Salt water system you truly can just relax, knowing we have your back! Our customer reviews prove we do it right. Opening a new store in Portland this week to.. Go Team ArcticSpas!!

Jennifer B. Avatar Jennifer B.
03 May 2018

Can't say enough good things about this brand! I'm on my 2nd arctic spa, bought my first one refurbished from my local dealer, and my new one just last week! love the new upgrades to the tub, what a difference from 10 years ago. i can say from experience what pride this company takes in its product, I went with the spa boy water care management system. Mind Blown! Having an app to play with and check my water chemistry... read more

Ryan C. Avatar Ryan C.
03 May 2018

I have been an Arctic Spas dealer since 2004 and they are a great company to deal with. There is no other product in the market place that compares to the Arctic Spa. If you are thinking of becoming a dealer for hot tubs, go no further than Arctic. In so many other industries, companies often have access to the same products, so what do they compete on? Price. So having unique selling features like Spa Boy, Foreverfloor and Heatlock... read more

Robin K. Avatar Robin K.
03 May 2018

I have been an Arctic Spa Dealer since 1999. Having sold other brands previously and servicing them, there is no other Hot Tub in this industry that I want to sell and service than an Arctic Spa! They are Canadian made and engineered and designed for our Canadian climates to be the Worlds most Energy Efficient Hot Tub. Arctic Spas also have the most Advanced Salt System called "Spaboy" not to mention great Warranty, with 5 yrs on Parts and... read more

Paul M. Avatar Paul M.
03 May 2018

Being an Arctic Spas dealer for 6+ years now has been the best decision we could have ever made. We used to be a Sundance dealer for many years, until we were given the opportunity to take over the local Arctic Spas dealership. Providing customers with a quality made, Canadian built product makes going to work every day enjoyable. Having customers come in day after day, telling us how happy they are with the hydro therapy and ease of use... read more

Stefan T. Avatar Stefan T.
03 May 2018

Do you want to retail a product that has tons of features like these?

Spa Boy

Automated Spa Water Testing & Management

No more test strips and no more manual dosing of sanitizer!

The most important water maintenance factors (pH and sanitizer level) are now measured automatically every few seconds using medical grade sensors. The results are transmitted to the spa control center and displayed in an easy to read format on the spa topside, app, and your Arctic Spa web portal. On top of that, Spa Boy integrates with the Onzen salt water system to automatically adjust the sanitizer level!

The result? Consistently clear, safe spa water that smells and feels fantastic, with an absolute minimum of effort.

Mylovac™ Covers

  • 2lb Foam inserts, Mylovac wrapped to resist moisture intrusion
  • 5/4” Taper profile to shed water
  • Integrated metal C-channel for additional strength: 2000lb. payload
  • Marine-grade vinyl, double stitched
  • These are heavy duty covers, designed and constructed for life in harsh climates.

Forever Floor®

  • Our Forever Floor is constructed with fiberglass composites, creating an incredibly rigid and impervious base for your Arctic Spa.
  • Install your spa on any level surface, no need to pour a concrete pad.
  • Completely sealed against moisture, pests and built to last a lifetime.

Total Access®

  • Both our signature western Red Cedar cabinets and our new Classic No Maintenance composite cabinets allow for unrestricted access to all equipment from all sides.
  • Insulated and removable access panels provide a simple and convenient means to troubleshoot or upgrade your spa.


FreeHeat® Insulation with Ross Exhaust

  • No expenses spared polyurethane foam perimeter insulation on cabinet walls and floor, coupled with the best cover in the industry creates an insulated cocoon.
  • No insulation on the shell, allowing true heat transfer from all heat producing equipment
  • All equipment is within the insulated space, offering true, real world freeze protection and stable operating temperatures.
  • Ross Exhaust evacuates excess heat only when required.

Do you want to retail a product that has dozens of features like these?

Arctic Spas is looking for new dealers. Contact us for great new dealer incentives.

Speak to our global new dealer sales manager now: 1-800-309-1744 or Contact Us